What is Put WA First?

We are a group of Western Australians who simply want a fair go for our State when it comes the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

We all agree our share of the GST revenue collected by the Federal Government should be equitable when compared to other Australia states.

Instead it keeps dropping and this puts Western Australia at a disadvantage when it comes to jobs, roads and infrastructure, health, housing, education, community facilities and economic sustainability.

Put WA First wants to establish itself as a registered political party that is unashamedly pro-Western Australia

We want to get candidates elected to the Federal Parliament so we can push for change in the way the GST is distributed.


Our Convenor is Chas Hopkins – a successful businessman who was Lord Mayor of Perth from 1988 to 1991.

Over the past few years Chas has become increasingly frustrated at the way our State is unfairly treated by Canberra – a sentiment that is shared by most Western Australians.

After talking to business owners, community leaders, industry representatives, farmers and – most importantly – ordinary, hard-working Western Australians, he knew something had to be done to turn things around.

Since none of the major parties are prepared to fight for Western Australia in Federal Parliament, Chas decided to work towards establishing a new political party that would quite simply Put WA First!


The numbers do not stack up for WA

For every dollar each state contributes to the Commonwealth in GST the following is returned...

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What we want to fix

In 2017/2018, the Federal Grants Commission proposes a GST distribution that will see Western Australia only receive 34 cents for every $1 collected from our State.

This means Western Australia is subsidising every other State in Australia.

We need a greater share of GST so we can create jobs, develop more infrastructure, increase business confidence and create a strong and sustainable future for all Western Australians.

Most of Western Australia’s current Federal Senators belong to the major parties and that means they vote along party lines.

When push comes to shove, they won’t stand up for Western Australia.

That's why we need a party that only exists to Put WA First every time.

Put WA First has delivered a submission to the Australian Government's Productivity Commission on the GST Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation Inquiry which can be found HERE.

Proof we are getting a bad deal

State by state distribution of the GST return per person

In 2016/2017 the difference between the GST collected and returned to Western Australia totalled $4.659Billion.

This could have bought:

  • 323 primary schools
  • 77 secondary schools
  • 2 new Fiona Stanley Hospitals
  • 3 Perth Stadiums (with $1Billion change)
  • 45,000 public servant salaries for one year

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